Are you confused about your ring size? No worries! We will decipher your ring size with our online ring sizer guide!

With Samish Jewels, you don’t need to worry about whether you can get your desired ring size or not. You can place your order online by knowing your actual ring size in two easy steps, without visiting any jeweler shop.

Step 1: Keep a ring with you that perfectly fits your finger. This will serve as a reference for the ring’s size.

Step 2: Take a print of the ring size chart given below. Place your ring on the circles printed on the chart. The one that matches with your ring is your actual size.

The size of your finger may vary depending upon your activity, weather and time of the day. Therefore, we recommend you to take a ring that perfectly fits your finger even in the night-time when your finger is a bit swollen or warm.

Customers living outside the US can also refer to this chart.