Product Care Help

Your jewellery will retain its beauty for a longer period of time if you take care of it in an appropriate manner. In order to help you out in this, we have compiled a list of things that you should and shouldn’t do, which is as follows.


  • Make sure that your wear your jewellery towards the end of dressing up
  • Keep your jewellery in its box when not wearing it
  • Be particular when it comes to jewellery care, and check it thoroughly after every wear


  • Spray perfume on your jewellery
  • Leave it laying outside for long periods of time
  • Wear your jewellery while sleeping, swimming, or exercising
  • Clean your jewellery with anything other than liquid jewellery cleaner and a specialist cleaning cloth

When it comes to specific jewellery care, we have laid our certain guidelines for you to follow.

  • Do not attempt diamond ring polishing at home. Instead, come to us, and let our experts handle it for you in the best possible manner.
  • When it comes to metals such as gold and silver, make sure that you do not submerge them in water for long periods of time, as doing so might cause them to lose their sparkle. Particularly, take off any necklace products before making contact with water, such as during swimming.
  • As for precious stones and pearls, keep them away from all sorts of sprays and cosmetics, and make sure to not bump any surfaces with them.
  • Always let an expert deal with any issues that you may face with your jewellery.